Creative Coaching

Embody the creative

Creativity coaching can help you to

  • write a book
  • move through writer’s block
  • develop an idea for a presentation
  • create a writing practice that fits your lifestyle
  • make peace with fallow periods
  • become more aware of your creative process

In a typical coaching session, you will be asked to identify a goal. Through casual conversation, your
coach will help you design a plan to reach that goal.

“Our first conversation helped me process so much about my work and about the stage I’m in
(publication looming). I’ve been putting words on the pages for two years but in a very
uninspired, uncreative way, and so actually stopping that forced practice feels like a step in the
right direction. We talked about deliberately not writing, that maybe it would be more effective
to wait for inspiration to strike. I don’t know what that will look like in the long run, but making
the choice to stop forcing it has alleviated a good bit of my anxiety. ” — Writer from Omaha, NE

“I learned a good bit about my writing and the topics that I keep returning to–particularly as they
relate to the body.” — Writer from Lincoln, NE