Enjoy being in YOUR body.

Every body is different. Embody Massage & Wellness Arts massages are designed to be therapeutic. Our treatments relieve stress and tension and address any painful areas you might have.  Each treatment is customized to you depending upon your needs, using a combination of Swedish, deep tissue, neuromuscular, and myofascial techniques.

Standard Massages

Prices for massages and bodywork:

30 minutes – $32

45 minutes – $48

60 minutes – $65

75 minutes – $80

90 minutes – $95

Specialty Massages

Personal Retreat – $120

Going through a life transition? Mark it and honor it with a personal retreat and ritual. This 2-hour treatment includes the following:

  • a meditation honoring your transition
  • dedicated sanctuary time to simply be still, journal, or continue meditation
  • an aromatherapeutic foot soak and scrub,
  • a one-hour massage
  • a take-home essential oil blend, customized just for you
  • tea and light snack.

Surgery Preparation $100

Consciously prepare your body for surgery and reduce your anxiety with a single or series surgery preparation massage.  This massage is highly customized to you and includes a short meditation relating to your procedure as well as positive affirmations throughout the massage. Depending upon your procedures, physician approval may be required.

Writers Retreat – $100

Bring your pen and paper and let massage unleash your creativity.  Writer’s Retreat is Embody’s signature service. Whether you consider yourself a professional writer, someone who likes to journal, or just want to explore how massage can help your creativity, try our writers retreat.  This two-hour session includes a creative writing prompt to spark your creative juices.

Chair Massage

Seated Chair Massage sessions specifically target the upper body, where many people experience the most stress. They’re convenient, cost-effective, and easy to fit into your busy schedule!